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Need more leads?
Garage Door Refacing is the Answer.
Our dealers are getting leads. If you are struggling to get new customers, garage door refacing is the answer. One of the hottest new home improvement products on the market. From Now, to Wow!

-No Competition
-No Permit Required in Most Cases
-Same Day Install, Easy Cash Flow
-Generous Margins, Huge Profits
-Exclusive Territories

Who’s your customer? Everyone with garage door! Our high strength resin panels clad over most existing garage doors. Give your customers something they have never dreamed of, real wood look without any of the maintenance. Hurry, before your territory is gone!

Exotic Curb Appeal

Garage Door Refacing gives the ultimate curb appeal to your customers' homes. With our revolutionary new system, now they can afford the look of real wood at a fraction of the cost. We can apply our system to just about any garage door. Steel doors, aluminum doors, new doors, old doors, we can reface it! And the best part...installation is done in just a few hours! So don't replace that ugly door, reface it!

Looks just like real exotic wood-but it's even better!

Exotic Curb Appeal

With full range of versatile looks, your imagination and creativity are your only limits.

Dealers Testimonial

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