Garage Door Refacing






Garage Door Refacing


What it is made of:


Our artists spend hundreds of hours searching for the most sought after wood grains in the world.  Once they located the perfect wood grains, they pain-stakingly hand crafted individual molds to replicate the wood grain.  Wood grains like:

  • Pecky Cypress
  • Clear Cypress
  • Mahogany
  • and many others

We then create Urethane and Resin molds to simulate the most realistic wood panels available. Your neighbors will never be able to tell the difference. You get the real wood curb appeal without cutting down a single tree!

  • Termite and bug resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Maintenance free
  • So real, your neighbors can't tell the difference

Why Garage Door Refacing?


Until now, you've probably never considered adding a wood garage door to your home. That's because real wood doors are very expensive and they need year-round maintenance. That is all about to change. Garage Door Refacing allows you to create a very expensive wood look at a fraction of the cost of real wood doors. Why spend $20,000 or even $30,000 on a wood door when you can spend 80% less and the same look? The advantages are clear:



Real Wood Garage Door Refacing
* Needs to be painted or stained 2 times per year * Maintenance Free
* Can attracts insects and bugs *  Non-organic material is bug and termite resistant
* Can grow molds, bacteria * No molds or bacteria
* Very heavy, needs huge motor on garage door opener * Lightweight material allows you to keep your existing garage door opener.
* Expensive to install * Very cost effective
* 35% waste, inconsistent planks * No waste, perfect planks
* Time consuming installation * Installed in one day