Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Company Information and Contact Information

Garage Door Refacing Solutions is located in Davie, Florida.  We have offices in Davie and Fort Lauderdale with our manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida USA.  Our products are 100% made in America.

Mailing Address: Garage Door Refacing Direct, 10987 Garden Ridge Court, Davie FL 33328

Accounting: Garage Door Refacing, 2319 North Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

We have been in business since March, 2009.

Business Hours of Operation; Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST

Ordering can be made 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by phone, e mail or through our website

Phone: 1-800-548-9617, 1-800-277-3252, 954-321-8899

Fax: 954-424-5803

E mail: admin@garagedoorrefacing.com, sales@garagedoorrefacing.com; info@garagedoorrefacing.com

Installation Information

  1.  How do you install Garage Door Refacing Direct (GDRD) panels?

    GDRD has developed an installation manual to make the installation of your garage door panels and overlay material easy and straight forward.  Please read the manual and follow all directions in its entirety.  For a copy of our manual, please       E mail sales@garagedoorrefacing.com. If you have any questions, our support staff will answer you live during our normal business hours.

  2. How hard is it to install GDRD panels and how long does it take?

  3. GDRD panels can be installed by a handyman, carpenter, most local garage door companies or a GDRD affiliated dealer/contractor.  Installations can range from ½ a day on up depending on job complexity, installer capability and experience.

  4. Can GDRD panels be used on any garage door? 

  5. No.  Not every garage door will be suited for a GDRD installation.  Doors or sections that are damaged, rusted, falling apart etc should be repaired or replaced before installing GDRD panels.  GDRD panels will help prevent further deterioration of a compromised garage door but the doors should be fixed in advance.  Raised panel doors are OK, just use plenty of adhesive.   Also, doors that are not ribbed, strutted or supported in the back across the garage door panel may potentially oil can (depress in similar to an oil can).  You should decide, in advance of purchase, if your door has the infrastructure to support the GDRD panels.  Note that in the event you would like a new garage door, GDRD can provide you with one cost effectively to do the panel installation yourself or GDRD can clad your brand new garage door with the GDRD design and color you desire.

  6. How much weight do the GDRD panels add to my garage door and do I have to change the operator motor or springs?

  7. GDRD panels are ¾” thick and are very dense. They weigh 1.125 pounds per square foot.

    For an 8’x7’ single car garage, panels only with no overlay trim you will be adding 63 pounds or double that for a 16’ x 7’ door.  This additional weight is the reason that a garage door company must replace your spring and ensure the door is properly balanced in the tracks.  The work of raising and lowering a garage door is done by the spring not the motor.  By having a properly sized spring, the replacement of your existing motor and hardware is almost never necessary.

    Product information

  8. Do panels come finished?  Can I get them primed only?  How do I finish a primed panel? Are custom colors available?

  9. GDRD has many standard colors for you to choose from. They are finished in our factory using the highest quality materials that help keep your panels resistant to UV, chipping, cracking or peeling.  

    Panels are available in a primed white or brown color or in your choice of many standard colors.

    For primed panels, use an acrylic exterior late pain or a high quality, oil-based stain.

    GDRD can match any color provided to us for a surcharge.

  10. How are GDRD panels made?

  11. Our artists spend hundreds of hours searching for and hand picking the best and most sought after wood grains in the world. Once they located the perfect wood grains, they hand craft individual masters using GDRD proprietary techniques making sure to replicate the wood grain as accurately as possible. These masters are so accurate, realistic and textured that it would be very time consuming, expensive and difficult for anyone to find better pieces. We then create Urethane and Resin molds so that we can replicate the natural color and intricate detail. Our high density urethane and resin system is closed cell which is impervious to moisture. Panels are custom made per order and our proprietary finishing process is applied making the product almost identical to the original.

  12. How do the GDRD panels compare to real wood?

  13. Real wood garage doors are very expensive to buy and install, heavy and maintenance intensive. They can attract insects, bugs, mold and bacteria. Most real wood garage doors arrive unfinished and need to be finished immediately upon arrival. Additionally, these doors need to be maintained, stripped and refinished every 6 months to a year. They continue to decline year after year. Real wood garage may require new tracks and operators to support the added weight. See our before and after pictures that show real wood garage doors that are rotting and deteriorating.

    GDRD panels do not require trees to be cut down. They cost much less than real wood doors and look better. They are termite and bug resistant, waterproof, maintenance free and are so real your friends and neighbors can’t tell the difference. They are light weight, easy to install and typically require only adjustments to be made to door tracks (Spacers or L Brackets) as well a simple spring replacement by a garage door company.

  14.  Does the use of GDRD panels offer any other benefits to my garage?

  15. Yes. Putting GDRD panels on your door will protect your door, insulate your garage (3.82 R Value) and significantly dampen exterior noise.

  16. Are there window options?  What if I want to cover my window?

  17. GDRD has a special window façade available that simulates the look of a real window but also offers you the safety and security of a fully secured door.
    GDRD can obtain window inserts that can be installed on most garage door manufacturer’s doors.  GDRD will work with you to discuss how this can be accomplished.  Call GDRD or e mail sales@garagedoorrefacing.com

    Most homeowners appreciate the look of an entirely covered door with no windows.  They look beautiful and offer privacy.  To do this you can use some marine grade plywood to cover your existing widow so that you have a good surface to glue your panels to.

  18. How do I clean GDRD panels if they get dirty?  Can they be spruced up and revitalized years later?

  19. GDRD panels can be sprayed clean with a garden hose.  For tougher spots, use a mild soap and water solution.  If you want to spruce up the doors after a few years, you can use a urethane clear paint from your paint or home improvement store.

  20. Can the GDRD panels be used for exterior ceilings or as flooring?

  21. GDRD panels can be used for ceilings and at 8’ tall by 2’ wide go up very quickly and efficiently. Special care must be taken to properly support these panels to prevent any sagging. Call your GDRD representative for more information and options as well as pictures of completed installations. GDRD panels are not designed to be used on the floor.

  22. Will urethane and resin panels expand and contract?

  23. Extensive testing and formulating has been engineered into GDRD panels to minimize any expansion and contraction of our panels.  Our thick ¾” panel coupled with special chemical ingredients, formulations and heavy product density is what gives our panels their strength and rigidity.  GDRD has made substantial investments engineering and creating these panels.  All Urethane products will display some expansion and contraction with heat and cold but the effect is minimized by our formulations and using the required adhesive and installation methodology.

    Ordering Information

  24. How long does it take to receive my GDRD panels and where do they ship from?

  25. GDRD panels are shipped using UPS ground or common carrier depending on the size of the shipment and its destination. GDRD will be happy to utilize a customer’s shipping company if requested.

    All materials are properly packaged prior to shipment and ship within 2 - 4 weeks.

    Warranty Information

  26. What is the GDRD warranty?

  27. Garage Door Refacing, Inc

    GDR Warranty

    All Garage Door Refacing products are guaranteed free from defects and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from delivery date. 

    This limited warranty shall extend only to defects in the material and shall not extend to any other deterioration of the surface caused by or contributed to by structural or design faults,  normal wear and tear, damages from improper handling, installation or use, negligence, vandalism, natural disasters or acts of God,  excessive moisture contact or ponding, mishandling in transit or any other cause except defects in the material.

    Warranty is limited to replacement and / or repair of defective materials only at GDR’s discretion.  GDR does not warrant labor, transportations costs, damage, or expenses of any kind related to the sale or use of this product

    Factory applied finishes are warranted for a period of three (3) years from delivery date to be free of defect including cracking, peeling or bubbling.  Warranty does not cover anticipated wear and tear and reasonable normal loss of color gloss. 


    GDR Defective Products Policy

    Installation:Dealer agrees to follow approved installation guidelines, as provided by GDR.  Dealer also agrees to follow all local and state building codes with regards to installing GDR products.  All installations must meet garage door safety standards including, but not limited to new springs for adjusted weight, approved brackets or spacing for new door thickness, tracks, openers, line tension, etc.  GDR shall not be liable for any product failure, damage, or injury that results from improper installation.

    Defective Products: If an installed GDR product is determined to be defective, as defined herein, GDR will replace and/or repair the defective product at GDR’s discretion.

    Definition of a Defective Panel:A defective GDR product is defined as material that exhibits characteristics that fall outside GDR’s acceptable tolerances for quality.  Specifically, if a panel were to deform by expanding or contracting (a natural property of polyurethane processes) beyond the ship lap area; excessive warpage greater than 1” from the mounting surface; presence of a visible air bubble on the surface greater than 1/8” in diameter; factory finish paint peeling/chipping away from the surface area where no physical damage is apparent; factory edges exceeding an edge tolerance of plus or minus 3/16”.
    Dealer must complete a GDR Defective Products Report (DPR) detailing; date of purchase; purchase order number; date of installation; a detailed description of the product defect; provide supporting photography.  Note: GDR may request at its discretion a returned sample of the defective element.   GDR will ship replacement elements F.O.B. destination within in 14 business days upon receipt and notice of acceptance of the DPR to the Dealer.

    A complete description of the defect must be provided by the dealer to GDR at admin@garagedoorrefacing.com for review and approval.  Any damage or affects on a homeowner’s personal property, including the physical garage door, caused by the Dealer will be the sole responsibility of the Dealer or Homeowner.